Our Story

NappStar is the trendsetting natural hair salon that specializes in loc extensions, loc maintenance & eclectic loc styles, natural hair styles and beautiful twists and braids. At NappStar we strive to give every client “The NappStar Experience”! It centers around excellent client services, punctuality with their appointment, and an amazing hairstyle. Our goal is to provide our clients with a professional, efficient, and creative natural hair salon that strives to bring their inner superstar to life.

NappStar was established by Melissa & Annette Roche in Maryland, in May 2010. As teenagers, the two Congolese-American sisters were brought up assisting their mother at her African braid shop. Natural hair and locs have always been their specialty which is how at such a young age, they have over 30 years of combined experience. They now have a salon location in Columbia, Maryland, and New York City.

Melissa’s Story

Annette and I opened NappStar because we were bored! Just kidding, just kidding! We opened NappStar in 2010 after working at our mothers braiding shop since birth. With my business degree under my belt and Annette’s killer natural talent for styling, we figured we could make something AMAZING happen! We were young and fearless so we launched NappStar, with no outside backing might I add, and our clients having been loving and supporting us ever since (Thank you Clients!). We breathe, eat, cry, laugh, and live NappStar!! We love creating, and mastering loc styles, we love teaching our stylists’ how to make their clients’ hair styles even more fierce, we love engaging with our clients on current events and hot topics while providing their desired service, and we love fun hair!!

If you’re in New York or Maryland and want to come to a salon that is run by to two  innovative, hard-working, bad-a$$ professional Congolese-American sisters, come check us out!! The NappStar team is ready to slay your hair, so come in and get this “Nappstar Experience”!

-Melissa 2017

Annette’s Story

NappStar is the foundation for my future generations!

-Annette 2017

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